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It turns out he didn t get to hear the beginning of the conversation, where the man said to her before she responded, This is the jeweler calling, on your husband s watch for his birthday, you want the engraving to read Darling. Which apparently she didn t mean, because you know how women can be. In the Hong Kong drama The Drive Of Life, one character saw her friend s husband having lunch with another woman and both were quite close to each other (such as the woman helping the husband try on a jacket). If the stranger of the story hadn t intervened, the protagonist would have shot her. then House points out that the husband agreed way too quickly. He spends much of the rest of the story path trying to win her back, eventually dressing up in a ridiculous pink I love Ranpha outfit. Sylvia says that she was playing tennis with some friends and her ex was substituting for someone.

Invoked and played with a lot in Allo Allo. Unfortunately, Pikachu wakes up a few seconds before they leave, and wonders why Ash didn t take him instead. When he shows up, he s drunk and stumbling arm-and-arm with an attractive Brazilian co-worker. One Planetes episode begins with Lavie seeing Fee talking to Director Dolf; as he s on a balcony a good distance away, he can t heard a word of it and assumes they have ulterior motives. In one episode Fred s accidental discovery of a poem dedicated to Wilma, as well as Wilma s strangely secretive behavior, make Fred suspect that Wilma cheats on him. When he finds her with Bigby at a seedy motel, he assumes the worst and a scrap breaks out. Notably, the children think that Daniel Lennard wants Nicole to be his mom, and the issue of Nicole s fidelity to Richard is never brought up.

It turns out he s just been anonymously helping the family who lives in his old apartment, since he remembers how hard his family had it when he was a kid. Now, dear, why do you always assume the worst. A few examples: Caught in bed with a girl snuggled up to him, both of them asleep (the girl slipped into his bed while he was asleep).
. Sylvia tells Alice that she had no idea that her ex was going to do this and sent him packing. At the end of the story it s revealed that Homer has actually been dreaming about a pork festival in Selma, Massachusetts. Cally spots her husband Galen having a long and intimate talk with Tory at a bar and accuses him of having an affair with her. The wife, naturally, is furious, assuming her husband to be unfaithful.

Actually, He s taking dance lessons because she s mentioned being annoyed that he can t dance with her in the past. .

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