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Spider-Man: Mary Jane s use of Tiger to refer to Peter is somewhere between this and Verbal Tic. Lissy of     Western Animation  Jimmy of Jimmy Two-Shoes calling Lucius Heinous the 7th Lucy , despite Lucius hatred of the name (and of Jimmy). note  Aniołek in original, compared to anioł , meaning angel. Corliss in Mille of Ilivais X takes to calling Iriana Ir early on even before they have any romantic moments, with a justification along the lines of it s four syllables in six letters. The player may select a nickname for their character s confirmed love interest to use in Story of Seasons. Izumi calls Makoto Yuu-kun , Ritsu Kuma-kun , Arashi Naru-kun , Tsukasa Kasa-kun , Tori Momo-kun , Kaoru Kao-kun , and Nazuna Nazunyan.

In Off the Page and into Life, Sam, Hank, and Henry all have a tendency to call Gail Gaily. If the reply is funny, music is played; if it s unfunny, they get crickets. Mion dubs Keiichi the rather condescending Kei-chan , but given her rather huge crush on him, it could be read as affectionate instead. Averted and played straight in Cobweb and Stripes da brat trina dating. for Sweetie Belle, and Candy for Cadence. Wendy Oldbag uses Edgey-poo fairly often, and while Oldbag thinks she s being affectionate, Edgeworth finds her nicknames very, veryembarrassing.

In turn, he refers to her as Claud , something that Pete and Myka both pick up but don t use nearly as often. Remix: Each team has to remix a nursery rhyme or a song of some sort. (He did use the nickname in the hospital in Unspoken , and she said he hadn t used it in a while.
. Chaka of Team Kimba in the Whateley Universe often calls Ayla Ayles. Naturally, the fanbase has taken to calling Doflamingo Doffy as shorthand. .

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